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14Oct 2013
5 Cleaning Tips to Helping your Clean Feel Less Tiresome
5 Cleaning Tips to Helping your Clean Feel Less Tiresome

1.    Be proactive in your cleaning and you should find that the workload will reduce over time. There is no reason to leave your place getting dirtier and dirtier until you feel like is has to be cleaned, as then you will have a back breaking job on your hands that will be a real difficulty in getting yourself motivated for. You should find that regular light work will keep you on top of dust and grime in the house, and you will never get to a point where the mess is difficult to handle, as it never builds up enough.

2.    Set yourself a schedule to ensure that you don’t let this new found proactivity slip. When you start out, have a proper spring clean one weekend, or get a cleaner in, so that you have a good starting point. From here, you should work out a weekly set of things that you do on different days in order that you would keep on top of the issues that you may well face. These sorts of time tables will help you to retain focus and not procrastinate over getting certain jobs done when you really need to, as this can often be the case. If you know that you rarely do anything on a Wednesday evening, then be sure to mop the hard floors in the place just after you get home from work. It will take you half an hour unless you live in Buckingham palace, and will mean that your floors will feel clean until next Wednesday. Doing each job on its own will be a great way to reduce the feeling of terror that can pervade us when we are facing the idea of cleaning the house. Separation will minimize the amount of time that you spend on cleaning each day, which can make it all feel a lot easier.

3.    Be prepared. Nothing will give you reason to avoid cleaning like not having the right materials. Ensure that you are constantly stocked up on the essentials, like brushes, mops, buckets, sponges, cloths and rags. Look at the sustainability of these items and put some thought in to how you could replace the plastic items in the bunch with longer lasting and more durable products. You should find that you save money this way as well, as you are not forever buying new cloths and the like! Give some thought to making rags and flannels from old clothes that will last longer through recycling.

4.    Consider using natural substances rather than harmful chemicals. Cleaning products often have a high concentration of harmful content, which can be bad for you in the house as well as the environment that your water is flushed in to. getting rid of these harmful products and replacing them with natural cleaners like lemon, vinegar and baking soda will give you a cheap yet affective alternative. You may well find that you prefer the way that these things smell, as the scents involved will not have the artificial smell that most chemical cleaners do, which are not that pleasant in comparison.

5.    Keep your motivation up over time. It may be difficult sometimes to balance keeping the place clean with work and social things, but if you keep on top of everything then you should find that there are no issues with the place ever again. Each job should not take you more than half an hour, so what is the problem!?