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09Feb 2015
Bathroom And Kitchen Cleaning The Easy Way
Bathroom And Kitchen Cleaning The Easy WayThe two rooms that are the hardest to tackle when it comes to home cleaning are the bathroom and the kitchen. They get the most use and therefore they get the dirtiest of all. Sometimes you can feel like you are fighting a losing battle when tackling these rooms, when you have just got them clean they seem to look dirty again within a day. Here are some tips that make things as easy as a cleaning service. -    Get rid of clutter. It’s often that these rooms become a place to have things out to collect dirt. Make a place for everything so that when it comes to your kitchen you can use your surfaces for chopping and mixing and are easy to clean after. When it comes to the bathroom, create shelves or drawers for all your bits and bobs, leaving them out will just make it impossible to clean. If your surfaces are clean, then wiping them down will be a two minute daily task. -    Get into a routine. You do the same routine in the shower every day, so just add on to that afterwards by wiping your surfaces clean. There are a lot of cleaners out there that are designed for you to just spray on your shower that don’t require any scrubbing. Spray on the moment you step out of the shower or bath everyday and you will get into the habit. If you want to go home made then opt for lemon juice mixed with water, you can store it in any old spray bottle and use it just the same. The lemon juice will help to prevent lime scale build up and break down the minerals of existing lime scale. -    Clean dishes while food is cooking. After all the preparation of your food there is often a good twenty minutes of cooking where you are left to twiddle your thumbs and grow your appetite. Use this time to get cleaning, wash your dishes and work surfaces and clean the sink. That way you will be left only with what your food is cooking in and what you have used to eat it with. -    Leave sprays on to soak in. When it comes to oven cleaning and lime scale cleaning then use leave on cleaning products to take the work out of scrubbing. Make a homemade solution with water, baking soda and lemon juice. With this mix you can put it on those tough areas and really let it soak in before attempting to clean. You will find this much easier. For an extra tip, apply cleaner and turn the oven on for five minutes, it will help melt the dirt and grease making it easier to lift off. -    Use multipurpose wipes. Wipes are great for quick jobs and there are lots out there available. Or you can use your lemon juice spray on a paper towel. It’s great for maintaining a clean you have worked hard to do or prevent dirt from building up for longer. -    Invest in jars and spice racks. Is always harder to clean when you have bottles of salt, spices and food lying around the kitchen surfaces. You can get Tupperware boxes very cheaply now and can use them to store foods and spices. Everything in the right place will make a domestic clean much easier and the Tupperware just washes like your dishes so it is easy and hassle free to clean. If you don’t live alone you can always put together a rota to divide up the chores.

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