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06Jan 2015
Cleaning and Decluttering your Garden Shed
Cleaning and Decluttering your Garden ShedThe garden shed can be one of the easiest places to allow to get messy; unless you regularly use it, it can become a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and junk can build up, especially if you use it for storage in order to keep the main house tidy. However, for many, their shed can be their safe haven away from the stresses of the outside world. It’s nice to get away from the main house and work on your own projects and hobbies, or just have some space to yourself. No matter the reason, making sure your garden shed is clean, tidy and organised can only make the experience more pleasant and can easily slot in as part of your regular domestic cleaning.Throw out the junkAlthough we tend to store items we want to keep in our sheds, often we use it as a ‘holding area’ for junk we’re not quite sure we want to throw away but don’t want taking up space in our house. It’s time to be brutal. Go through all the boxes and draws of items you’re storing there and either throw away what you don’t use, donate it to charity or sell it. Deep cleanNext, put down some tarpaulin outside the shed and remove everything. Place everything on the tarpaulin to protect it from damp and dirt on the ground. This will give you the space you need to clean inside the shed. Wipe down the dusty surfaces, vacuum and mop the floor. Using a cleaning solution of warm water and washing up liquid, and ensure you regularly change the water you’re using so that you’re not merely spreading around the dirt. Also wipe down any tools and equipment going back into the shed, so you don’t just transfer the dust, dirt and grass back into the newly cleaned shed. Use a slightly damp cloth to do this, not a wet one, especially on electrical items.Designated spaceHave designated areas for different items. For example, assign one corner to items you’re storing in there. Have another for electrical equipment and another for tools. To save space, it’s useful to hang the tools on the walls. Many DIY stores will sell special hooks to attach securely to your shed wall, which will support the weight of the tools better than just regular nails. Experiment with space in order to find the most efficient way of hanging them and label where each tool goes so you know how to replace them when you’ve finished using them.It’s also handy to keep smaller items, like nuts and bolts, in draws. You can buy smaller separators to go into larger draws, or a set of special small draws to go on the worktop, which you can label. This will keep the surface tidy and also help you find the equipment you need quickly, which will save a great deal and time and stress when you’re tending to your hobbies. MaintenanceTo prevent your new, cleaner shed from becoming dirty and untidy again, make sure to clean up after yourself after each session. Buy a separate vacuum cleaner to keep in the shed to encourage you to vacuum up any dust and keep some disposable cleaning wipes in a draw to wipe down any surfaces after use. Keeping the space well maintained and generally as clean and tidy as possible is the most effective way of stopping grime and dirt from building up. If you ensure you include this as part of your regular domestic cleaning routine, it should become second nature.

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