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23Jan 2014
Cleaning The Kitchen Effectively
Cleaning The Kitchen Effectively

When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, the best way to do it is to avoid doing it at all! Having a professional cleaning service in to get all of your cleaning done will be a lot quicker and stress free than getting the marigolds on, but if you are convinced that you want to do it without the aid of a domestic cleaning service, then have a look at the following easy steps to a clean and clear kitchen.

First off, get the oven and fridge done. This may sound a little over the top, but the smell of your kitchen will be largely to do with that which has not been cleared within these commonly ignored appliances. Oven cleaner is hard core stuff, so be sure to wear rubber gloves as you clean the oven, or you may get rashed up hands. The fridge needs less intense cleaning products to get it nice and clean, however getting rid of the smells that can gather in a fridge can be difficult, so ensure that you really do get the shelves and everything properly clean, simply using washing up liquid or surface cleaning products. A stiff brush will help you tackle burnt on grease, but the main aid will come from ensuring that you leave the oven cleaning product on the toughest parts for as long as possible, perhaps half an hour or so, so that the corrosive elements can do their work, meaning that you don’t have to. When you are done, put a lemon rind or bowl full of salt or baking powder in the fridge, to prevent any smells that have lingered, as these compounds will absorb odors.

Tackle the tops of the cupboards with a whole load of degreasing surface cleaner, as the grease from cooking often settles up there. You will find that the dust that gets in to this grease forms a disgusting grime that can be very difficult to get rid of, and you will need many paper towels, so that you can throw it straight in the bin! Leaving this area between cleans will simply lead to more build up, so try and get it done as regularly as possible.

Clean down the shelves, and dust around the higher areas, to avoid further dust settling around the room. Ensure that you are able to mop the floor last, as otherwise you will end up knocking all sorts of dust and dirt on to a clean floor, which would be a waste of your time! Get a cloth with some vinegar on it, and run it round the taps and any metalwork around the sink. Leave the vinegar on the taps, and wipe down all of the surfaces elsewhere throughout the kitchen, rinsing it off with a damp cloth if there is any residue soap left on there. Once this is done, you can clean off the taps. The acid in the vinegar will have eaten away at some of the limescale and soap scum, which should mean that they shine up quite easily! Clean down the rest of the sink and any other areas that you may have missed. Mop the floor, step back and admire your work!

This kind of job will take an hour or so if you include the oven and fridge cleaning, so it may be worth getting a professional cleaner in to clean your kitchen for you, simply because it is a room that takes a lot more effort. Having a cleaning professional in for an hour or so won’t be that expensive either!

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