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01Apr 2015
How To Choose The Best Cleaning Company
How To Choose The Best Cleaning Company

1.    Do Your Research - doing your research is vitally important when deciding what cleaning agency you want to use for your house cleaning.  The internet is a brilliant way to find cleaning agencies nearby you, showing you the options that you have when it comes to people that can clean your home. Once you have identified companies that would be willing to travel to your address, you can search around online to find reviews of the company, or ask family and friends if they have any experiences with them. This will allow you to hear both the good and bad sides of any company you are looking into and allow you to find an unbiased view of each company. You are then able to assess if the company is suitable for you and your family, as well as your home.

2.    Decide What You Want - deciding what you want from a cleaner is important before you assess if it will work for you. Do you want somebody who will just come in now and again to do a spring clean or would you rather have someone come in to do the big jobs that you don’t want to do yourself, such as carpet cleaning, oven cleaning or upholstery cleaning. Identifying this will make it easier if you decide to call up any companies as you can ensure that they offer the services you want, and can also find out their rates for specific jobs so you can work out if they are affordable for you.

3.    Assess The Size Of The Job - along with deciding what work you want doing in your home, it is important to assess the size of the job also. This will help your chosen company to decide how many staff they think you would need for your job and on a regular basis, to see if this is manageable for both you and them. If you have a big job, want a deep clean or have a large home, certain companies may recommend having more than one member of staff to help with your cleaning.

4.    Choose How You Want To Pay - some companies offer a flat rate for their services, while some will offer a pay by the hour rate. These two rates both have their advantages and disadvantages each. Some people prefer to pay a flat rate as they know what they will be paying out each week, while others may prefer to have a pay by the hour rate with their cleaner as this may work out cheaper, especially if the work load is likely to vary or the jobs are relatively small. Paying by the hour could work out cheaper than paying a flat rate, although some people fear that they could be taken advantage of by the cleaners dragging out jobs in order to make more money.

5.    Meet The Cleaner Beforehand - meeting the cleaner beforehand is always a good idea, as you can begin to build up a relationship with the person coming in and out of your home. It allows you to meet the person, see if you will feel comfortable with having them around and can allow you to see if they feel trustworthy - with this, it is important to follow your gut. If you have a family, it can also be a good idea to allow everyone to meet with the cleaner before they commence employment, to ensure that everyone feels comfortable with them.

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