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29Jul 2014
How To Clean Upholstery
How To Clean UpholsteryCleaning upholstery can be a really difficult job. You will find that there are plenty of issues underlying what may have seemed like a simple job that makes cleaning the sofa or the arm chairs a bit of a nightmare. If you are then worrying about damp and whether the process or product that you are using for the job is right for your fabric, the whole thing becomes a bit of a nightmare. It is well worth developing a technique that you use every time, to ensure that you are able to deal with cleaning the upholstery as quickly and efficiently as possible, and to ensure that you are never going to have a nightmare whilst doing so!For a start, you need to think about what you are trying to achieve. If the whole sofa looks pretty grubby, then you are going to have a hard time cleaning the whole thing if you can’t get the covers off. If you can get the covers off then simply follow the washing instructions that should be sewn in to the inside of the covers. Be very sure not to allow them to be tumble dried if it says to do so, as some materials will shrink considerably in the drier, and this will only lead to disaster when you come to put the covers back on. If the covers don’t fit over the sofa, then you are in serious trouble! If your covers don’t come off, then you are likely better off getting a professional upholstery cleaner in, because the DIY techniques available to the regular person at home will not be very good for the cleaning of a whole sofa. You need to use some water, and covering the whole sofa will no doubt lead to it getting damp and potentially even moldy! So, be sure that you make the right decision. The expense of getting the whole sofa cleaned professionally will leave you with a new looking sofa. The effort of cleaning it yourself could leave you with a sofa that smells bad and may well rot away. If you are just cleaning a small patch of the upholstery, then you should think about how you are going to do so. You will need to use a little water and some soap, but what kind of soap you use is down to your personal preference. There are plenty of upholstery cleaning products out there, that will all be perfectly suitable for the job, and it would make sense to have one that you like to use always available in the house. You will find that fabric soap works wonders as well, though it may take a little more scrubbing. You can use alternate methods, like lemon, vinegar and baking soda, as they all have very useful cleaning properties that will ensure that you can get the worst of the marks out of the fabric.Be very careful as you do this though, as obviously beyond the lather that you create with the soap, you need to avoid getting the fabric and the padding too wet. Whilst cleaning these items, the water can soak through the outer fabric and in to the padding. If it stays wet for too long, then damp can occur, which can spread as mold, and the smell can be absolutely revolting. It will rot away at the padding and eventually leave hideous looking spores all over the furniture, creating potential problems in terms of respiratory issues in the air, especially if you have children in the house.

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