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27Jun 2014
How To Make Your Office A Tidy Environment
How To Make Your Office A Tidy EnvironmentIf you run your own office then you probably already understand how difficult it can be to keep your office looking clean and tidy. Your employees need to be working in a safe and sanitary environment, and it’s your job to ensure that this happens! If you want to know how to turn your office into a tidy environment then here’s how to do it!1)    Ensure everything has a place.Your office will soon become a cluttered mess if you don’t have a place for everything. Whether you’re short on storage space or if you don’t have enough room for another filing cabinet, there are lots of things that you can do to ensure that everything in your office has a place. Take the time to make sure that everything in your office has a home and that it’s always there when not in use. This will help to stop things going missing around the workplace and will keep your office in shape! Make sure to return items to where they’ve come from after use so that they won’t get misplaced. 2)    Reconsider the layout of your office.If you struggle to find space and room in your office then consider moving furniture and items around to get the layout that most suits your needs. Try creating a blueprint for your office so that you can figure out how to get the most from the space that you have. Don’t forget to use the space on your walls by installing floating shelves if you’re working in a small environment! 3)    Make sure you have the right storage facilities.You can cut down on clutter in your office by making sure you have the right storage units! Shelves, filing cabinets, cupboards and even rented storage facilities can all help to keep your office much clearer and tidier, so if you’re stuck for space then consider all of your options to get the most for your business. 4)    Finding the time to clean your office.Cleaning your office can take up a lot of time, but it’s a job that’s necessary and it must be completed regularly. Operate a clean-as-you-go policy in your office so that you’ll have less clutter and mess to deal with, and work time into your busy schedule to find the time to dust, tidy and vacuum your office! 5)    Making a cleaning schedule and sticking to it.Think carefully about the cleaning jobs in your office and how you might complete them. You should be sanitising your surfaces (especially in areas where food might be consumed), vacuuming, decluttering and airing out your office regularly to keep it smelling clean and feeling fresh. List all of the jobs your office needs to keep it clean and work through them on a weekly basis. 6)    Hiring professional help.Sometimes cleaning your office can get the best of you, especially if you have a busy business or other priorities to attend to. If cleaning your office is a struggle for you then you might want to consider hiring professional help. Look online or ask friends and family for their cleaning company recommendations, so that you can find a reliable and experienced company that you can depend on. Try to look for one that specialises in office cleaning so that you won’t need to worry about the standard of service that they provide!

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