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16Dec 2014
How To Take Care Of Your Office Carpets
How To Take Care Of Your Office CarpetsMost office prefer to have their floors covered in carpet, mostly stretching from wall to wall. Not only does this protect your hardwood flooring but it is also easier and cheaper to clean than hardwood floors. However, this also means that carpets will be widely used and abused throughout the length and breadth of your office space. Occasionally, someone might spill some coffee in one corner of your office or printer ink on the other end, not to mention the number of feet that tread in dirt from the outside into your office. A clean carpet is essential to make your office look clean, make a good impression and ensure a safe working environment for all employees. When installing a wall to wall carpet, you should consider including these few carpet cleaning routines into your schedule to maintain your office carpets. Regular vacuumingDepending on how much foot traffic you get in your office, or in some parts of it, you should consider vacuuming your carpets regular every once or twice a week. Use the bristled brush and beater bar attachment on the vacuum to make sure you dig up even the smallest bit of dust and dirt from deep inside your carpets. Make sure you move the vacuum cleaner in all directions so that the brush agitates the fibres in every direction and picks up all particles. Carpet shampooingOccasionally, you should have your carpets shampooed once or twice every year to increase their longevity. Shampooing will clean your carpet thoroughly, remove germs and other pollutants and soften the fibres. After shampooing, your carpet will be cleaner, brighter and softer. However, you should also hire professional cleaners to do the job because if it is not done well, the process can leave behind soap suds in the fibres which will make them sticky and gather more dust and dirt. Also, if the carpet is not dried properly, the moisture that is retained will keep your carpet damp and encourage growth of mold and mildew. Steam cleaningSome carpet cleaners will also offer you the option to steam clean your carpets, which by far, is the most safe and powerful method to get a clean carpet. Unlike shampooing, steam cleaning uses the power of steam at high pressure to remove dust, dirt, and allergens from your carpet. It will also sanitize your carpet to a certain degree as well as get rid of stains and foul odours. The last part of the process involves a powerful suction to remove the remaining moisture, ensuring that you can return to using your carpet within an hour or two of steam cleaning.Anti-stain protectionApplying anti-stain protectants on carpets in areas of high use is the best way to ensure that they remain clean and are protected against sudden spills. This chemical that is sprayed on your carpet coats your fibres without altering their texture in such a way that your carpet is protected against wear and tear, making it last longer. The coating works by not allowing liquids from soaking in quickly, giving you more time to react a spill. Anti-stain coating helps you save a lot in rug cleaning costs, but the only setback is that they wear away with use and will have to be re-applied after every shampooing or steam cleaning process. However, you must have trained cleaners do the job for you, otherwise it could ruin your carpet forever.

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