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04Mar 2014
Is The Secret To Domestic Cleaning In Your Mindset?
Is The Secret To Domestic Cleaning In Your Mindset?

When it comes to getting the house looking fantastic, there could be a lot to learn from simply thinking differently about the job. You will no doubt understand that the cleaning is something that has to be done, for both health and aesthetic reasons, but the way in which you go about cleaning is not often analyzed, simply because it is such a boring part of life! Should you be worrying about whether you are doing things correctly, it is worth noting that there is no ‘correct’ way to do things, merely the way that works best for you. Everyone is different, and therefore different things work for different people. However, there may well be a lot of good done in simply thinking about the process so that you are sure that you have covered all the options.

First off, what is the most difficult thing about domestic cleaning? It’s never actually that hard, in a labor sense, so why is it so wildly disliked? The fact is, cleaning is boring and repetitive, and holds very little reward or creativity. To combat this, why not try distracting yourself a little with something that you do find stimulating or interesting? This can be done in many ways depending on who you are and what you are in to. If you are a competitive person, then turning the cleaning into a game could help. Timing how long it takes you to do a series of cleaning jobs could be the start of a new way of looking at the chores, and making them almost fun! Otherwise, putting the radio on, and listening to an interesting radio documentary or play could be worth trying. In a similar vein, a favorite album or an audio book will give you as much pleasure as listening normally, which will be an excellent distraction form how dull the house work is!

A change in mental attitude towards the cleaning overall can be all you need to make it seem easier. Housework will always be viewed as a chore rather than a pleasure, but if you can break the size of the chunks that you clean in down, then the impact that it has on your day will be considerably lessened. Many people set aside a few hours to do a lot of cleaning. In this, the job becomes a large one, that you put off and avoid until you can’t hide from it any more. Because you have left it for a while, the size of the job is such that it will take up a fair amount of your day, and therefore will be even worse. If you were to break that large chunk of cleaning up into ones of ten minutes or so throughout the week, then it would hardly register in your day, as you would be getting it done between other things. So, avoid doing the cleaning in large phases, as this will simply mean that you get bored and tired, and don’t do as good a job anyway. If you can, divide it between everything else that you get done throughout the week, and ensure that you are able to sort it without it getting in the way of everything else. Combining this with the distractions, you should find that you get everything done really rather easily, and without too much fuss, which is of course the perfect situation!

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