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09May 2014
Top Tips For Tidying The Bedroom
Top Tips For Tidying The Bedroom1.    Make the bed as the first thing that you do. The bed is a natural place for things to get chucked, whether it is books and magazines or clothes as you get ready in the morning, the bed seems to become a mess form the minute you get up. Making the bed will tidy up a large flat portion of the room immediately, and give you a chance to spend a minute folding up the clothes that you have taken from it and putting them away. The immediate impact of the bed being made is a massive difference that comes very quickly, and it will certainly make things a lot easier going forward, to see how good the room already looks! 2.    Have a set place for everything.You will find that much of the time spent tidying is spent looking for places to put things if you do not follow this rule to the nail. In many ways, the worst culprit for this kind of thing is clothing, and you find yourself jamming jumpers into drawers that won’t take them and the like. You need to be clear on where everything goes, and be totally sure that it will all fit. The same goes for shoes, books, make up, towels, anything that belongs in the bedroom should have a set place, even if only to speed up the process of tidying the room!3.    Put some music on.Tidying your bedroom is not a tough job, it simply takes spending a bit of time doing it right, and the boredom that can ensue is often what makes it more of a chore than it needs to be. If you put on your favorite album whilst sorting your room out, then you will hardly be thinking about what you are doing, and the time will pass by much more quickly. Folding clothes and making the bed is all easy stuff, it just needs you to not be concentrating on how dull it all is! You should find that you finish the room well before the album, and may well even end up sitting in there until the end!4.    Tidy quickly dailyThe key to easy tidying is to do it regularly, so that the place does not get messy enough for the clean up to take longer than it needs to! If you can do a quick tidy up every day then there is no reason that you will ever have to do a big one! For that matter, you can regard the way that you use your room in a similar vein, ensuring that you put things away as you go, and never allowing things to get too messy in the first place. If you live in a tidy way, then you won’t have to tidy!5.    Make the place feel fresh and airy.A good way to improve the mood of a room is to open the windows and air it out. This will give you a similarly clean feeling as a decent dust and vacuum clean. You can always do this to simply blow a few of the cobwebs out, but it is also very effective if you have a bit of a musty smell in your room. In a similar way, you can have flowers in your room, to ensure that the air is being filtered, and that the room takes on a lovely smell, leaving your place feeling fresh and tidy day in, day out.

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