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28Mar 2014
Vital Tools For Cleaning Upholstery
Vital Tools For Cleaning UpholsteryAs a professional upholstery cleaning service, people are often coming to us in order to ask if there are any specialist tools which are required to make sure that everything is as clean as possible at all times. Rather than showing people a warehouse full of complicated machinery, we like to give out a few simple tips about some tools which can be found around the house and can do a great deal to get rid of tricky marks and stains. The first tool and one of the most useful is a simple dry brush. When it comes to getting caked in mud and dirt off upholstery, a stiff bristled brush can do the world of good. Gently rubbing this brush across the dirt will help to loosen the offending particles and remove much of the physical debris which might be troubling you. While it might seem obvious to some, the upholstery cleaning benefits of a simple vacuum cleaner are often overlooked. Whilst taking care not to be too aggressive with the movement, using the hovering properties of your vacuum can be an excellent way of proving an initial solution. While it is unlikely to provide a means of getting rid of stains, the nozzle of a regular hoover can be hugely helpful in the cleaning process. For those marks which won’t shift with a brush and a vacuum, it might be time to turn towards something a bit more complicated. A cloth soaked in luke warm water and some scrubbing can do a great deal to shift a good number of marks which might be left on your cushions and furniture. Taking care not to rub so hard as to do any damage to the fabric, it can quickly become obvious whether your actions are having an effect. One of the most important tools around when it comes to getting your upholstery as clean as possible is one which many people are actively trying hard to avoid. As is the case with many cleaning solutions, often the only remedy is good old fashioned elbow grease. Taking the time and effort to properly remove a stain can often be tiring and could be why many people often give up. With the right dedication, however, a great number of upholstery cleaning services can be accomplished, though it may leave you a little tired afterwards. For those times when elbow grease simply will not shift a mark, it could be necessary to venture down to your local super market and find the right specialist product to suit your needs. While not necessarily a tool which many will have around the home, there are some decent stain removing products to be found in most large supermarkets. Taking the time to read the back of each product carefully, you will need to find one which suits both the stain you wish to remove and the fabric which you wish to remove it from. As well as hard work, many people forget that – in some instances – they can employ the machines that they have to hand. When you have upholstery which can be removed from the furniture, such as cushion cases, many people find it helpful to simply place these cases into the washing machine and hope for the best. However, check your particular warning labels on the upholstery and find out whether it is suitable for machine washing. With so many complicated procedures available around the home, and with none of them guaranteed to work, it is often no surprise that people so often turn to professional upholstery cleaning solutions. Making sure that the stain is removed without further damage is often the most important thing and this can sometimes means a call to the experts.

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