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Customer reviews
      Cleaners-Belgravia have provided me with many cleaning services over the years. They always impress. I've never had a single complaint about them.
Paige S.27/02/2018
     What a lovely team of cleaners they have at Cleaners-Belgravia, cannot do enough to help and so good at cleaning stuff.
Wendi Biggs22/01/2018
     Hired CleanersBelgravia for my end of tenancy cleaning. I have nothing but great things to say about them! I got three ladies to deal with the job. They were very friendly and polite! I've told everyone I know about this company and their cost-effective deals! Perfect services all the way!
K. Rogers07/12/2016
      CleanersBelgravia's oven cleaning support is great. I have hired them several times over the last few months and each time they have impressed me with their skills. My oven is cleaned faster than I could do it, but with infinitely better results. This is a great service and if you need your oven cleaned, I won't recommend anyone else.
Roy Banner31/07/2015
     I am a new mommy and, as exciting as this may be, it can be terribly exhausting too. As you may guess it, house cleaning is not something I can do alone anymore (or at least not until the baby grows a little). That is why I hire Belgravia Cleaners to deal with those parts of my home cleaning that are usually more difficult (the kitchen, the bathroom and so on). They've been simply amazing and I really feel like thanking them!
     I am not often at home and when I am, I would prefer to have time to relax and spend time with my people instead of slogging over the house. Belgravia Cleaners was a huge help in that respect. They were so prompt with booking a session and even their cleaners arrived and left on time. Besides, their services are so affordably priced that it makes it easy for me to hire them on a regular basis.
Katherine G.18/02/2015
     I'm as pleased as punch with Belgravia Cleaners and their cleaners! I hired the company to help me with my end of lease cleaning and they did a wonderful job at making sure every inch of my house was fantastically clean. The work was done very speedily, and -even though I was worried about the cost - the price quote they'd given me was accurate and affordable! Top marks!
     Having hardwood floors might give warmth and a feeling of ambience to a room, but it's no secret that keeping them in top condition is a bit of a challenge. That's why I rely on the services of Belgravia Cleaners! With their team of skilled cleaners and professional cleaning materials, my hardwood floors are always in mint condition and treated with a special wood product to prevent scratching and scuff marks. Such a reasonably priced and top quality service!
Robert D.15/01/2015
     Our premises are so much fresher and cleaner since we started using Belgravia Cleaners. We used to have really dusty offices that smelt a bit stuffy but the cleaning work we now benefit from has put an end to all of that. The cleaners come over early in the morning and do a one hour stint before we all arrive for work and it really makes a difference coming in to a nice and tidy office. The kitchen and toilet areas are always thoroughly cleaned and the cleaners don't miss a single spot!
Katherine S.05/11/2014
     I began to hire cleaners from Belgravia Cleaners around a year ago and I have to say, they are quite brilliant! They are so easy to have around go about their work with a fantastic attitude. When it comes to them cleaning my kids bedroom they always leave it looking like a picture from a model home magazine! I'm not kidding, and they also do it in half the time it normally takes me. Which I guess is down to the fact they just have more energy, and along with this help me to do more things around the house to support my family's daily life. Thank you!
Olly Kearney23/10/2014
     When I had bamboo flooring installed in the house I never imagined it I'd have to worry about moisture or water spills and all that. Apparently bamboo wood can get warped because of moisture. Thankfully I found Belgravia Cleaners on the Internet and they have a great floor cleaning service. The professional cleaners use dehumidifiers and industrial cleaning products to make sure my bamboo floors stay clean and strong. I've called the team a couple of times and can guarantee they're a great investment.
M. Austin19/09/2014
     With my new job I find it very hard to fit in my domestic duties, in particular cleaning. I had struggled long enough before deciding to look at hiring a domestic cleaner to take over. I came by a local company called Belgravia Cleaners who I had heard, do a good job. I was charged a more than reasonable fee for the work considering that they clean to a high standard and miss out on nothing. It's not easy to find a company that one can truly rely on 100%, but I had found a team of professionals in this company.
Helen Davies24/07/2014
     I can't believe the difference that Belgravia Cleaners have made to my carpets! I hired their carpet cleaning service to ensure that my carpets are stain and bacteria-free, and the service they provided was absolutely fantastic. The friendly cleaners got right to work and left my whole home looking totally revitalised - I thought I'd come home to the wrong house! You won't believe how much of a difference a professional carpet clean can make to your home, and if you live locally then definitely give this company a call for the most thorough carpet clean ever! What an amazing cleaning service!
     I often help my mother clean her home, as she is too old to do it herself. However, recently, she has been unable to do as much as she normally can, so it was left to me to get most of it done. I found I couldn't do this though because I was so busy, so I discussed it with her and redirected to hire a professional cleaner. Belgravia Cleaners now send an expert cleaner to my mother's house every week and she tackles all of the work and provides a perfect result. The house has never looked better so my mum and I thank them for what they've done.
Bethany Andrews20/06/2014
     I was after some domestic help after breaking my arm, and was given the contact details of a new company. Belgravia Cleaners had some great cleaning offers available to suit all budgets so I decided to get some extra help around the house. I sorted a home cleaning service to suit me and made an appointment. The cleaning girls arrived on time looking professional in smart work uniforms and with plenty of supplies and tools. They were friendly and polite and went over what I wanted doing. They got on with the work efficiently and took good care of my belongings. The completed job looked absolutely sparkling clean, everywhere was spotless.
Jane Scotte26/05/2014
     In The Event that you need a cleaning company that can give you a great service with very little fuss or bother, then try out Belgravia Cleaners. They have been cleaning my place for a few months now, and I have to say, they are incredible! The place is always left spotless and tidy, but nothing ever gets misplaced, which is a massive pet hate of mine. I am extremely impressed with their prices, and must add that they give great value for money and customer service, so get them over to your place!
R. James29/04/2014
     Absolutely fantastic, you can really depend on this cleaning company whatever your requirements. A thoroughly professional service, all cleaners arriving on time with a great attitude to work, fully trained and fully uniformed. Once they had left with a friendly smile and we exchanged very polite greetings and I paid them, I saw the work that they had done and wow! I could not believe how they had done in the timeframe. My house was gleaming and there was not a speck of dust in sight. Fantastic service, Belgravia Cleaners should be very proud of all of their staff members.
Colin C.08/04/2014
     My 3 year old thinks that knocking over my plant pots is a great idea - that too on cream and beige carpets. Now I walk into a room and there are mud stains left right and centre. I called a carpet cleaning company and it didn't make much of a difference. So when my mother told me about Belgravia Cleaners I thought I had nothing to lose. I gave them a try and OH MY GOD! The carpets are clean, stain free and smelling great! I would recommend them to everyone! They did what other carpet cleaners couldn't and that says something!
Janice M.27/03/2014
     There is much that I can understand about not wanting to give over the house work to a cleaning company, but when you get the kind of service that I have been from Belgravia Cleaners it is hard to take such worries seriously! In all seriousness, they have been a major help, ensuring that I am free to get other chores and work done, whilst not being too expensive, and extremely discreet. It is essential that my cleaning company be able to follow instruction to the letter, and this lot really are excellent with what I ask of them, so I can't ask for anything more really!
Carmen B.05/03/2014
     Working with Belgravia Cleaners made my end of tenancy cleaning simple and easy. I needed a company I could trust to provide a true clean to my apartment. After a year of living in the apartment it really needed a thorough clean. Luckily, these professionals knew just what areas to pay close attention to. They were able to clear out the dust and grime from my kitchen cupboards and corners. They worked quickly and were able to guarantee the return of my deposit. If you are in a rush and needed a professional cleaning company for your end of tenancy cleaning needs, Belgravia Cleaners is the way to go.
Anthony Q.18/02/2014
     You will not believe how hard these guys work! I have had the same cleaner from Belgravia Cleaners at the same time each week for nearly five years now. I look forward to their arrival, and their work ethic is admirable. The results are stunning; there really isn't much you can find fault with here. The price is even reasonable for the standard of clean you get. This is one cleaning firm that really seems to know what it is doing, and so from my point of view one that is worth recommending. If you were thinking of looking for a cleaner take my advice and call these guys.
Joanne B.30/01/2014
     I owe so much to Belgravia Cleaners! When I fell ill I just couldn't manage to keep up with my cleaning and my home was becoming a real mess. I was ashamed to have people round and I was becoming a bit of a recluse. I was embarrassed about having to rely on a cleaning company, but the cleaner I had round really made me feel a lot better. It didn't take long for her to clean my house and when it was all finished I was really impressed! Now I use this cleaning company all the time and I don't have any worries about inviting my friends and family around! Thanks!
Charlotte H.20/01/2014
     I love having my house professionally cleaned! I could never find the time to get my home looking spic and span, but I always wanted to have a home that I could show off to my friends and family. With Belgravia Cleaners that's exactly what I can do now! My friends are always asking how I manage to do it, and now most of them hire professional cleaners too. I honestly can't believe how professional this cleaning company is, and even if you're on a budget you'll be able to afford them. Now I always have a clean and tidy house - great!
     For years I have been trying to find a decent cleaning company. A local firm that actually takes pride in their work without costing the earth. I was beginning to think it was too much to ask until I came across Belgravia Cleaners. They have done a really great job of everything I have asked them to do. From cleaning my carpets to scrubbing my bathroom, I couldn't imagine going back to some of the previous companies I have employed. These guys really are superb, and I would highly recommend them for any manner of cleaning task.
     Having a cleaner has really made my life a lot easier. I used to struggle with even the simplest of dusting tasks, and could never understand why my mopping left the place looking more messy than it did before! About a year ago I accepted defeat and hired Belgravia Cleaners for my sins. They have been excellent for the whole time that I have used them; never missing a day, and never being so much as five minutes late! The cleaning is excellent, and I'm happy to pay for such fine work, an excellent company!
Martin Leyton23/11/2013
     Belgravia Cleaners are a great company to have on your side, as they are great at ensuring that your needs are met, no matter the situation. I have never had a cancellation from them, as they replace any ill staff with a temporary cleaner on the day, which means that I am never inconvenienced. The price is rather good as well, so there is little guilt to be felt for not doing the cleaning by yourself! I think that having a cleaner has completely changed my life in that I have a lot more time to relax when I get home from work nowadays.
W. Morris13/11/2013
     I'm really worried about Belgravia Cleaners. Honestly, my house is so clean, it makes me scared. What if I forget how to clean for myself and then I move somewhere far away and Belgravia Cleaners can't come and help me? I'm going to have to live next door to them from now on I think, I'm dependent. They make my life a breeze, and I couldn't be happier with every aspect of the service. When I was sitting here writing, I was trying to think of a single flaw and the only one I could think of is how much I depend on them. They really do too good a job.
M. Cowan03/11/2013
     I was searching for a cleaning company when a couple of friends managed to recommend Belgravia Cleaners on separate occasions. Getting my friends to agree on anything can be like pulling teeth, which is coincidently the exact opposite to how I found dealing with Belgravia Cleaners. It's hard to stress how useful a regular cleaning service can be. I could pick a moment really. There's that time, coming home from work on the train, when I remember that I don't have to spend half an hour hovering my flat and another half an hour mopping. I just let these guys sort it for me. Perfect.
Patricia Gibbs24/10/2013
     Got to say thank you. Can't think of a better way to do it than here, Belgravia Cleaners deserves all the compliments I can give them. You don't even know how clean your house can be. I am a really lazy person. I work full time, really long hours. Being self-employed can mean 60+ hour weeks and trying to find the time to clean these days is just impossible. Having these guys on my team is a great way of allowing me to relax in my own home. Not only is everything spick and span, but the price is really reasonable. This isn't being lazy, it's being smart.
F. Gerrard14/10/2013